[Important Private Details] Freedom MVP – Welcome Letter

Hi, Worthy One,

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step on the journey to F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

Welcome to your Freedom MVP Program.

Thank you for allowing Behaving Wealthy to partner with you to guide you toward more worth, wealth, and freedom.

Here are the steps to a successful engagement: (Please note that each step starts after the previous step is completed.)

Step 1: [Your ACTION REQUIRED] – Contract – You will receive a contract detailing our engagement terms within 24 hours of enrollment. Please review and sign this agreement immediately. Note: You must complete the Behaving Wealthy Agreement before you can receive access to your Freedom Millionaire Questionnaire. (Time estimate: 20-30 minutes.)

Step 2: Online Question Registration – Once you have signed your Behaving Wealthy Agreement, then the Behaving Wealthy Team will register you for your private, confidential Freedom Millionaire Questionnaire. You will receive a confirmation email from Behaving Wealthy within 24 business hours of signing your Behaving Wealthy Agreement.

Step 3: [Your ACTION REQUIRED] – Registration Confirmation – Go to the confirmation email that we sent to you. You must confirm your email address to complete registration of your confidential, private account. (Time estimate: 2-3 minutes.)

Step 4: [Your ACTION REQUIRED] – Questionnaire Login – Once you confirm your email, you will be redirected to to access your questionnaire. 

Step 5: Welcome Call – Please expect a call from The Behaving Wealthy Customer Care Team to help you with any initial questions that you may have. We will schedule both your Private Questionnaire Call and Private Implementation Call. (Time estimate: 15-20 minutes.)

Step 6: [Your ACTION REQUIRED] – Watch Questionnaire Video Instructions – Please watch the video instructions that guide you through how to navigate the Freedom Millionaire Questionnaire. 

Step 7: [Your ACTION REQUIRED] – Start Questionnaire – Start entering your information into the questionnaire. Complete as much as you can and save your questions for your Private Questionnaire Call with The Behaving Wealthy Customer Care Team. (Time estimate: 20-30 minutes a day for a week.)


Be sure to add the following email addresses to your list of email contacts to be sure that all of our messages get through to you: – for your financial, business, and life questions – for your customer service questions

Let's start strong!

Congratulations once again.

Your worth, wealth, and freedom are on the other side of these tasks. Take baby steps to lay the foundation that will give you a life of freedom and independence.

We are so excited that you are a part of our community and want to ensure that your beginning experience is helpful.

You're Worth It,

Robin & The Behaving Wealthy Team

P.S. Should you have concerns or technical difficulties, then please reply to this email ( for assistance.

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